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update: banners and reviews

01:41 14/09/2004

You will notice that I have added a banner at the top of my pages, unless you are looking at the professional style, in which case you won’t. It wasn’t so easy to get it to fit in with that particular style. You may perhaps find it a strange idea, but I quite like banners. Of course I tend to ignore most, but occasionally I see a well made little banner and so I do not overly dislike them. I think they’re a good way of linking to other sites and that’s why I have picked some of the sites that I frequent and checked to see if they have any banners. Those that have one (or more) of a high enough standard and are not animated, have been added. Currently there are about 20. Enough for a start in any case.

If you pop by the writings section, you’ll also notice there is a new classification for reviews. To that I have added the three reviews that I have written so far for The Crow’s Nest. Hopefully, I’ll get the rest done in time. I have a few more games that I have played and want to review.

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