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A Case of the Crabs

5 stars

A Case of the Crabs follows Nick Bounty, Private Eye, as he tracks down the killer of a crab salesman. But a murderer is only the beginning of Nick’s troubles as he stumbles on to the most nefarious counterfeiting scheme you’ll ever hear of!

Nick Bounty has been rattling around in the minds of Mark Darin and his friends for over a decade and has been portrayed in several films and even one previous computer game. In fact, in the game itself you’ll see references to some of these previous projects. I mention this, because Bounty has the feel of a well developed character. There is something charasmatic, greatly aided by the excellent voice acting of Jason Ellis, about the character that provides the possibility that Bounty is a character that could continue well in a series of games like Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island games.

The game has a superbly created film-noir feel to it, with the right dose of humour added. All the factors of the game go towards the creation of this effect, the graphics, music, voice acting and the writing. The puzzles are challenging at times, but even so, the game should not take too long to finish. All ingredients to the game are of a high quality and the end result is highly entertaining.

Its engine uses Flash which means it is very simple to play, you can even play it in your web browser. This makes it particularily easy for newcomers to adventure games or those returning after a long break.

A Case of the Crabs is a lot of fun and should be appreciated by all players of varying skill and age. By the end of the game the bad news will be that you’ll want more, the good news is that there’s a sequel in the works. In the meantime, you can always “Play it again, Sam.”