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nothing like a good week

23:24 18/01/2004

Ugh…this is getting bad, I must really be in a good mood to give in to a blog entry. :-P

There’s nothing like a good week to lift your spirits. Last week, I started working on my Final Year Project again after far too long a delay….ie. since 24th of October, which is the last date I have for getting anything substanial done. Looked into using RELAX NG to specify the schema for my xml description of a game. It’s very, very nice. Having some problems with getting some software running with it…but not too worried. :-)

Also got some work done on Ardan Nights this weekend. Really needed to get a few things done, so I can move on to something else, so that’s a bit of a load off my mind.

Any other good news…only missed one lecture…not bad. Oooh…ADSL may be coming my way sooner than I had originally thought. Did some more thinking about a trip to New Zealand next year. Looking forward to that.

Ok, less blog-like more rant-like…..trying to help Nithin with a linked list problem, I came up with this gem. “Next change the next node of the previous node to the node that you stored.” Made me smile. :-)

Oh and the movie which I think will be a sleeper hit this year…well it’s a sleeper at the moment, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It’s just my kind of movie. :-)

Finally, best mention the fact that I added two poems, Two Friends by the Fire and The Fierce Wind.

Hope your week is as good as mine was.

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