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01:01 23/12/2003

So I’ve been on my Christmas holidays, and instead of working on my Final Year Project, what do I do, I recommit myself to Ardan Nights. Not only that, I take up an old project that I haven’t done anything on since April and had effectively put on hold. However, once I picked up Scrapyard Stacking again, I couldn’t really put it back down and spent one day, doing a bit of a rewrite, which gave me a fully working game. Once there, I didn’t really want to stop and I spent several days happily coding more stuff to make it into some sort of end product. Went back to the article, “How do I make games?” A Path to Game Development, that led me to make the game. There’s something about it, that I really like, the writer, Geoff Howland, has a certain quality which resonates.

So what else have I been doing, well I haven’t been updating my website, though I as always have a list of things I’d like to add, rant about etc. I suspect that Conall is right, and that this is quite blog-like. *shudder* This entry certainly is blog-like. Oh well. You know it’s never really occurred to me, but Conall’s name is very like a certain chat show host…and his birthday is the same as mine….the weirdness continues. :-) That being said, in a group of 367 people, there will be two people who have the same birthday, was going to say 366 but thought of a leap year, which some smart-ass would no doubt point out to me. Then again, he was born in the same year as well, before me for those interested. Ahh, I feel better, this is more rant-like. Oh final note, going to take Nithin and Conall’s advice and remove side warning….at least until the site warrants such a warning.

Since I know that only CS people (that’s Computer Science not Counter Strike, though there does tend to be a sizeable overlap) read this, thought I’d mention a movie I saw a week or so back. Pirates of Silicon Valley, is all about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, actually mostly about Apple and Jobs, (hence the name…though I was ignorant of the significance before I saw the movie). Anyway, really enjoyed it, was very interesting and gave me inspiration that those kinds of movies give me. Never knew Jobs was so….intense and…well…crazy I guess. Must read the book that it’s based on.

Ooh..going for a sizable entry, I’m sure there’s something else I wanted to mention, but no worries, if I remember I’ll stick it in again if it’s important…(got a story about my Return of the King viewing, but that I leave for another day). In case I don’t return in time, and in the insane chance that somebody reads this before Christmas, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. :-)

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