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7 Days a Skeptic

4.5 stars

7 Days a Skeptic is the followup to 5 Days a Stranger. It is strongly recommended that you play that game first.

Set nearly 400 years after the events that occured in DeFoe manor, the underlying premise is pretty much the same. You play Dr. Jonathan Somerset on board the Mephistopheles, a spaceship scouting out new areas in the galaxy. Soon, a metal box is found floating in space and that’s when the deaths begin.

The game is reminiscent of many Sci-fi survival films, including Alien, Outland and Event Horizon. Indeed, there are many references made to those movies and others, perhaps most notably horror sequels.

As with 5 Days, it is the original story and good writing that shines through. Although, it comes off a shade lesser than 5 Days, perhaps due to the rehash of the same situation, a slightly disappointing ending and Ben Croshaw‘s following of sequel rules. These rules, while I believe followed by Croshaw with tongue in cheek, lessens the atmosphere of the game in places.

The graphics and sound once more play their part very well. The steady breathing of the EVA suit certainly adds to the tension of the scenes in outer space. The puzzles are of no real challenge, with one exception, but work well to pull the player into the game.

Please note that due to the subject matter and graphic violence of this game, it does not lend itself to small children.

A worthy sequel to 5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic is not as good as the original, however there is only a marginal difference.

Highly recommended.