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5 Days a Stranger

5 stars

5 Days a Stranger is a brilliantly crafted game. From the outset, Ben Croshaw has created an atmosphere of intimidation and fear as you play Trilby, a gentleman thief, who following a tip from his fence has broken into DeFoe manor. Having broken in, your only problem now is getting back out.

The writing is of a high standard in this game, and the story is the greatest strength of 5 Days. The puzzles should pose as no real problem to an old hand, and for beginners, the challenge is of medium fare. The graphics, while rudimentary, compared to todays standards, work very well. Added with the music and spooky background sounds, within a few minutes, you will be completely sucked into DeFoe manor itself.

Please note that the subject matter of this game dies not make it suitable for little kids.

Like a good book, 5 Days a Stranger is hard to put down and you will in all likelihood finish it very quickly, but what a great ride.

Highly recommended.