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Little Mr. Something

Little Mr.Something,
One night, while in the nude,
Went to do a little poaching
In the Landlord’s wood.

He climbed over fences,
He tip-toed up the path,
When it came to his senses,
That he really needed a bath.

Now the Landlord was no fool,
He guarded his stock good,
He kept his salmon in a hidden pool
or used some as his food.

To this pool came Something
Rod in his hand.
To do a little fishing
Though the Landlord said twas banned.

Now, soon, Something was finished
Five salmon by his hand.
The Landlord’s stock diminished
In the pool on his land.

Back over all the fences
Back down through the paths,
Something came to his senses
That he’d been bitten by some gnats.

At the pool, mouth full of foam,
The Landlord is full of wrath,
For Something is gone home
To have his bubbly bath.