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update: dipping into a pile of papers

22:22 07/02/2005

Some small updates, added a few more banners, mostly if not all from DC Comics. Also wanted to add something, so went dipping into the papers on my desk and found a poem I’ve been meaning to add for a while. “Fishing on a Boat” was written on the train to college one day, might have been 2001, 2002 at the latest. It’s clumsy in form, but it reminds me of the three cormorants who were sitting on the side of a boat that I saw on my commute that day. I wrote it in the last fifteen minutes of the train journey and I hadn’t touched it since, but I’ve just made a few alterations which make the rhythm a little more uniform.

It was funny just looking through a few of the pages that I have beside me. They range in age from some time in the last few months up to maybe ten years or more ago. Scraps of paper with drawings, poems, stories, plot outlines, scripts, doodles, cartoons, lists and other miscellaneous bits and bobs. There’s quite a few things that I’d forgotten about and are worth looking at once more. To finish in the spirit of He-Man.

Remember kids, the best treasures are in plain sight, all you have to do is open your eyes.

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