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update: almost six months….that’s too long

01:14 25/09/2006

It’s been almost six months since my last update. Now there are many reasons for that or at least for some of that time.

a) I was away until June, travelling…only half an excuse I could have updated.
b) I’ve been working….but only since the end of July. However that is a good one, as I’ve been merely paddling above water for most of that time keeping up with my workload.
c) I’ve been thinking, that the site needs to be overhauled again.

Let’s talk about c, or at least for a short bit. Having played around with WordPress over at Journey, I think it could suffice for what I need to do, and wouldn’t require me to do a complete rewrite to take care of the new functionality I want to have on the website. Basically, WordPress already does it. I’m not the first to realise it, nor will I be the last. Still, I’ll need my own bits and pieces that WordPress doesn’t provide but that can be handled. So this is a heads up that the site will be changing. While I’m at it, I’ll probably muck around and make some new styles. Might still try and keep the old ones, not sure yet. This site in its current incarnation is actually almost, if not indeed already, two years old. That’s far too old!!!

Anyway, with that over…..let’s see, I have three rants that currently are schedule to go live in the year of 2011…..that’s because I haven’t finished them. “connections” is the title of one…..that must be three years old now…..hope I’ll finish that one someday…if I can remember what I wanted to say. Ah yes….”concerning hats, and other matters” is the next. Should really just finish that one off, it’s well over a year out of date now.

Then we come to the youngest of the three…..”hello. my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father; prepare to die!”….hmmmm……see next ranting.


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