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the matrix: revolutions

13:32 09/11/2003

Ok, so if I really cared, I could spend some time on this, but I don’t want to, so I’ll point to an article I came across that best describes what I thought of The Matrix: Revolutions.
‘Unplugging The Matrix – Why the sci-fi franchise went south’ by Matt Feeney.

There is another essay which gives me some hope for the Wachowski brothers and tries to explain what they may have been thinking in The Matrix: Reloaded. Interestingly, a lot of the writer’s predictions for The Matrix: Revolutions were either spot on or eerily similar. The author promises to update his explanation once he has seen Revolutions.
Matrix Reloaded Explained by Brian Takle.

My own thoughts are that I need to see Reloaded and Revolutions again, out of respect and love for the first movie. Reloaded as I remember it was a mess of a movie, and I found it to have no flow and the fight sequences weren’t all that exciting. The Burly Brawl was over-hyped. I think it didn’t work for me, simply because there were so many Agent Smiths attacking Neo. Then again, Kill Bill didn’t have any problems with huge numbers against one person. I’ll get back to Kill Bill another time. Revolutions in contrast was not a mess of a movie, ok so it has its problems but from a structural point of view at least it flows. In short, I was overawed by the first, let down bitterly by the second and enjoyed the third.

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