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01:15 14/05/2005

Dear Reader

a short letter tonight, for I have no reason to write other than I have been silent for too long. I fear it has been a long time since I have been able to write. I have started one or two letters, but have never finished them. More and more things occur to me that I wish to write about but I rarely find the time to do so.

Indeed, I find I have little time for anything, other than work and preparations for my planned trip. Which is not to say that I do not do other things, but it does seem that almost all my time is taken up these days working and travelling. Such a change from my free lifestyle of the past. I find time to relax of course, but perhaps not enough time for proper rest. At least I can escape into my books.

The world of Gormenghast has been able to pull me back in again recently. I had started into it but got distracted by “Aurens” and others. Peake’s language is so beautiful, it plays and dances through the mind, the imagery fantastic and otherworldly. It is quite soothing to submerge myself in the halls of Gormenghast castle and the surrounding countryside after a busy day in the office.

“In the office!” The phrase alone sends a shudder through my soul. It is so alien and unnatural a thing. How I long to escape from the slavery of it all. The woods, they call me. The hills beckon. The wind whistles for my attention and the rain pounds against the window in frustration trying to get at me. All cry out for me to join them! Soon, I answer. Soon, I will be free, to go where I wish in a world that feels right.

The Writer.

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